Spiritual Reach Out

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In order to reach out to people spiritually, you need to first consider a few factors.

  1. Consider the context: The Social-Ecological Model of public health can help guide our awareness of other factors impacting the health of an individual, family, or community, such as the social, economic, political, and environmental factors.

  2. Recognize basic human rights: People living in impoverished conditions are vulnerable to social and economic oppression even by well-meaning groups and organizations. Recognizing the inherent dignity of all people is necessary if we hope to be brothers and sisters in Christ.

  3. Appreciate local knowledge: Learn and appreciate the experiences of others and allow those experiences to drive your approach.

  4. Build on “bright spots”: Focus on and identify what is going well in a community and build on those strengths.

  5. Combine passion with evidence: Research the issues before jumping in and let your observations and passion be guided by the available evidence.

Jason Paltzer - Lutheran Health Alliance Director

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