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My name is Tamara Thomas and I am a member of the St. John’s Lutheran Church in Antigua. Our Lutheran Youth for Christ- which I am a part of- will be embarking on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa as well as to the United States.
The St. John’s Lutheran Church has been the recipient of mission workers from the United States for the past few years. This year, the chosen members of Lutheran’s Youth for Christ have the opportunity to visit another country and to help another church spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of that country who have not had the opportunity to receive the word before. 14 members of the Lutheran Youth for Christ have been chosen for this mission trip along with 3 chaperones, 6 of whom are going to the United States and the remaining 8 to Malawi, Africa. The 6 visiting the United States are split into two groups of 3 with a chaperone each. One half will be going to Montana and the other half to Washington. This mission trip is especially important to all of the members going on this trip because we get a chance to experience a totally different culture as well as different people than what we are used to. We get the opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ with people who may not have heard about the great things he has done and we take a lot of joy in being able to do that for them. That is what this mission trip is to us; a chance to go to a new place to share the message of Jesus Christ and it makes us all so happy to be able to do something like this.

At the St. John’s Lutheran Church I am involved in one of the church’s two pan groups- Revelation Pan. I am also a member of the SJLC counters- This group of people handles the offerings given each Sunday in church i.e. we count, record and then carry it to the bank. I also volunteer to help with Power Point presentations to help enhance regular Sunday worship, as well as with our dance group Verity who is having a production this May. I am a member of the Lutheran’s Youth for Christ, a teacher for our Summer Vacation Bible School and I sometimes help with Sunday school teaching.  I was also a member of the church’s youth choir. I attend the Antigua Girls’ High School where I am a fourth form student and a member of the Antigua Girls’ Steel Pan Orchestra as well as a past member of the school’s choir and netball team.

By serving in this way I hope to experience a closer relationship with a God. Many people see putting all of this time into church as something that will take away from them living a normal life- teenagers especially. However I have had time to be a regular teen and to hang out with friends while still being able to serve my God in every way that I can. We were always told to use whatever gifts we were given to glorify our lord and that is exactly what I try to do. As a musician it gives me great joy to use my talent along with others in Praise and Worship. I hope to bring the same mentality to our upcoming mission trip. I wish to use my musical abilities in every way I can to aid in the sharing of the gospel along with the church that my group will be helping this summer.

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