Teaching Soccer in Texas

Posted by djaspersen on Thursday, June 25, 2015 Under: FIA Summer 2015
By Reverend Eugene

It wasn't the hottest part of summer, but the group of children gathered under the Texas sun to let their light shine. We had a ball, a soccer ball that is. The children were taught the basics of soccer and enjoyed fun in the sun, but when it got hot they took a refreshment break. We gathered around the sun in an air-conditioned church and served ice cold water, and the Water of Life. We learned about Jesus, the light of the world, and how He shines his love into our hearts. We also came to know that we are mirrors, reflecting His love. Like a light bouncing off a disco ball, Jesus love reaches the world through us. Because of our Savior, we have the privilege to let our light shine. The kids learned of Christ, and we got a kick out of teaching them.

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