The New Guy’s First Month in Linares, Chile

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KW Editor Note: Seth Hansen is one of the two Kingdom Workers teachers in Chile who is working with the ELS mission there. He and Arron Landgraft teach English in the Chilean public school system during the day. This is a very exciting project for KW, please pray for continued success in Chile. 

Greetings to everyone from the Southern Hemisphere!  I hope that this update finds everyone back in the States doing well and enjoying your summer.

Since leaving America in early July, God has showered me with endless blessings.  I’ve been privileged enough to travel to Linares, Chile, to work in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s mission field in South America.  For over a month now; the members of our mission congregation Unidos Por Fe Lutheran Church—Linares (United by Faith in English) have been extremely warm and welcoming to both me and the stream of other Americans passing through.  Five Sundays have swept by, and I already feel like a full member of the congregation here (they definitely keep insisting that I am).  

It became clear almost immediately that God has blessed this congregation with enthusiastic members and a genuine sense of fellowship with their American Lutheran brothers and sisters.  Case in Point: When five American 20-somethings showed up on my second Sunday, the congregation switched to English for a portion of the liturgy,  making us feel very welcome!

This shouldn’t have shocked me so much, considering the congregation’s history; after all, they hold English classes in a classroom on the property here.  My coworker Chelsea came to Linares from Minnesota nearly 3 years ago, and has since used English as a Second Language classes to expand our church’s presence in the community and establish a rapport with potential members.  The current plan is for me to join her in this effort, in addition to teaching in public schools in the nearby town of Longavi. Right now, five people are in Catechism classes seeking to become full members of the growing Linares Lutheran family.

I look forward to the coming months, and pray that the Lord continues to bless the Linares mission.

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