Project: Wellness Circle Training

THE WORK: Training and supporting congregations and members in Christ-motivated nutrition and exercise.

Date: August 20, 9am - 4pm
Place: Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 

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QuickWellness Facts

Obesity (2008 data):
Overweight: 1.4 billion adults
Obese: 0.5 billion adults
Death Rate: 2.8 million people per year from weight related issues

In 2013, 42 million preschoolers were classified as overweight

 “Supportive environments and communities are fundamental in shaping people’s choices and preventing obesity”

(Source: World Health Organization)


Kingdom Workers wants to change these statistics, especially among our families, friends, co-workers, and congregations.  To help us accomplish our goal, we created the Wellness Circle Program.  The Wellness Circle Program mimics the literature and research on nutrition and exercise.  Simply, increasing 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and exercising 150 minutes per week helps prevent and reverse complicated health conditions.

We know maintaining a health weight, finding the time to exercise, balancing our diets, and rearranging our busy schedules is not easy to do in our broken world.  But what we do know is that Jesus told us to “love one another” and He did a great job of doing this – healing the sick, feeding the hungry, giving rest when rest was needed, and motivation when motivation was needed.  The greatest gift Jesus gave us was his life, but since we cannot give our lives for one another, we want to motivate and encourage each other to a healthier life so that both you and I can share the greatest gift – Jesus.

The Wellness Circle Program follows a 5|150 Wellness Model.  The goal is: each individual eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and exercising 150 minutes per week motivated by the understanding that we are all created for works of service in God’s kingdom as his redeemed children.  Through the Lutheran Health Alliance – Wellness Circle Program Coordinator, we will train congregation leaders (parish nurses, life coaches, motivated church members, etc.) in the 5|150 Wellness Model, education topics and materials, goal setting, and implementation of Wellness Circles in congregations. 

The Wellness Circle Coordinator, Nathan Rosenberg, RN will host a one-day training session to review the 5|150 Wellness Model, providing on-sight support and follow-up for program implementation.  Join us on April 30th for an 8-hour training sessionas we work with you and other congregations through the 5|150 Wellness Model

5|150 Wellness Education Topics:

5 Servings-A-Day (Fruits & Vegetables)
• 10 ways to increase fruit & vegetable servings in a day
• Serving sizes and fruit & vegetable variation
• Grocery shopping for fruits & vegetables
• Home & community gardening

150 Minutes-A-Week of Exercise
• Stretching & breathing
• Benefits of walking
• Home strength training tips
• Exercising with friends & family

The Wellness Circle Program is not a direct care medical program. Volunteers do NOT need to be medical professionals, as Kingdom Workers will provide the necessary basic training and materials. Volunteers simply need to be empathetic listeners who enjoy working with people, and desire to work for the growth of God’s kingdom.

The program involves trainers from clinical, public health, and nutrition backgrounds. It is our hope that this outreach opportunity becomes an addition to an existing health ministry or a new outreach program in your congregation.

Additional Fact Sheets from the World Health Organization