Kingdom Workers: Diabetes Wellness

Online Spanish Diabetes Wellness
Program Group Leaders

GOAL: Facilitate an online-based diabetes wellness group to help connect individuals with the ministry of Academia Cristo.  

• Spanish-speaking (Bilingual preferred) Evangelical-minded Christians with a desire to serve those living with diabetes. 

WHERE: On the volunteer’s mobile phone and computer

WHEN: April – December 2016 || Approximately 2-6 hours per week 


THE NEED:  Individuals living in Latin America have an increased risk for developing diabetes and other chronic conditions.  Wellness groups provide a forum for individuals in Latin American to initiate and maintain healthy behaviors around nutrition and physical activity.  The hope is that some of the individuals will be interested in connecting with the other online tools and resources offered through Academia Cristo.  

We are looking for Spanish-speaking (bilingual) Lutheran members to volunteer as diabetes wellness group leaders using the social media app, WhatsApp.  The group leaders will receive a diabetes wellness training equipping them with basic diabetes knowledge and self-management skills.  After training, the group leaders will initiate two Spanish-speaking WhatsApp diabetes wellness groups as part of the Academia Cristo ministry. 

The training will include a series of webinars organized by the LHA and facilitated by one of the LHA team members. The webinars will include:

  1. • Characteristics of prediabetes and T2 diabetes
  2. • Diabetes risk factors and epidemiology
  3. • American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) 7 Self-Care Behaviors
  4. • Introduction to the AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker App
  5. • Diabetes-friendly nutrition education
  6. • Medication knowledge
  7. • Exercise guidelines and tips
  8. • Goal setting (stages of change model) and problem solving strategies
  9. • Action planning and monitoring

    Anticipated daily volunteer activities: Provide social and emotional support to initiate and maintain healthy nutrition and exercise behaviors through the app, WhatsApp.  Respond to wellness questions and connect interested individuals to Academia Cristo Bible study groups as the chance arises.    

Volunteers should be fluent in Spanish and comfortable with talking about their faith. They should know how to use the social media app, “WhatsApp” and be aware of basic safety when communicating with strangers online. Interest in health topics and familiarity with diabetes preferred. 

Lutheran Health Alliance
Director: Jason Paltzer


What is
Academia cristo:

Academia Cristo existe para compartir con usted la Palabra de Dios y para que “crezcan en la gracia y el conocimiento de nuestro Salvador Jesucristo."

Academia Cristo exists to share with you the Word of God and to " grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. "

Safety Considerations

Volunteers should understand the risks of communication with strangers online

Cultural Considerations

Volunteers should be familiar with Hispanic cultures in Mexico and Latin America.

Technology Considerations

Volunteers should be aware of all cellular and data rates regarding the use of WhatsApp.
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